Battery operated tube pre-amplifier. The use of batteries makes it to operate free from any possible noise that may be encountered on the electric main.

PTS 03
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PTS-03 is a battery operated tube pre-amplifier. The use of batteries makes PTS-03 operate free from any possible noise that may be encountered on the electric main. PTS-03 pre-amplifier features 2 batteries per channel. One of them, a lithium-ions non-rechargeable battery, supplies the pre-amplifying section and has a life span of about 8 years, with an average use of 2 hours daily.

The second battery, a rechargeable lead battery, serves the purpose of supplying the services for approximately 8 hours. A separate power supply unit (PS/RC) automatically re-charges this lead battery any time the pre-amplifier is set on OFF or STAND-BY.

The case containing the power supply also lodges the remote control receiver. This way, the two components that may typically generate noises are totally isolated from the pre-amplifying unit.

The charge gets disconnected when the pre-amplifier is ON, but, if needed, a switch located on the rear panel of the pre-amplifier would induce a forced charge even when the pre-amplifier is ON. This charge is automatically stopped after four hours, but it can also be stopped manually by the CHARGE RESET button.

Four leds display the batteries’ charge level (Green: live, Red: flat). To obtain these information the BATTERY TEST button is to be pushed.

The volume can be controlled manually, through the two separate knobs (one per channel), or remotely (the remote control regulates both channels at the same time).

Two switches are located on the front panel: one of them, LISTEN, turns the preamp On, places it in Stand-by and allows the selection of the signal source. The second switch, LINE AMPL, allows choosing the gain of the pre amplifying stage. Amplification can be set from 0 to 12 dB in steps of 3 dB.

Three additional leds show the preamp state: Stand-by, On or Blocked. Blockage happens when the rechargeable lead batteries are flat. Once these batteries get charged again, even partially, the preamp can be reset by pressing the RESET button, also located on the front panel.

  • The pre-amplifier stage has an E88cc tube for each channel
  • Amplification is adjustable from 0 to 12 dB with 3 dB steps
  • S/N ratio: 100 dB
  • 4 inputs and one high level output for each channel
  • Case completely in anodized aluminium in silver or black colour
  • Size: 17” x 17” x 4”
  • Weight: 30 lbs.

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