Our philosophy
We create products which combine high musical quality with an elegant and pleasant look.
Amplifiers and Preamplifiers

Nightingale’s goal is to manufacture equipment which shall combine a high musical quality with an elegant and pleasant look. From the technical viewpoint, any clever device which may have a positive influence on the reproduction quality is adopted. The operation of all the Nigtingale amplifiers is stricly in pure and true class A, over the whole range of both power and frequency.

  • Stabilized anodic voltage
  • It makes possible to obtain, for each stage, constant operational conditions; the output power is independent from the mains voltage: this results in a longer life of the final tubes, which always operate within the limits specified by their manufacturer.

  • Stabilized filament voltage
  • This improves the signal/noise ratio of the low level stages.

  • Stand-by function
  • This makes possible to shorten for the tubes the time to reach the thermic conditions; additionaly, the reduced thermal stress makes the tube characteristics more stable.

  • Feedback
  • The very limited use of input/output feedback produces by benefits to thr dynamic characteristics and to the sound quality.

  • Final tubes BIAS adjustement circuit
  • An electronic circuit automatically keeps the BIAS within + 1% of the nominal value, irrespective of any parameters’s change.

  • Inputs selection achieved through reed relays
  • This helps to improve the S/N ratio ed eliminates the problem of the noises due to the aging of the commutators.

  • Input main filters
  • They improve both the immunity from the mains noises and the de-coupling among the equipment, increasing the sound quality.

The instrumental results are outstanding for all Nightingale equipment: very low harmonic distorsion, very good frequency response, high signal/noise ratio. Even better the sensorial level results. The sound is warm and fascinating, the scene is deep, the definition superlative.

Line Conditioners

To describe the effectiveness of a good line conditioner a treatise would have to be written. We feel very strongly that a true line conditioner is today an essential part of a high definition amplifying system, as it allows to obtain the maximum performances affordable by each part of the system. While designing our line conditioners we have taken into account all possible noise sources, which may influence the operation of a Hi Fi system, hence the sound quality. The Nightingale line conditioners perform the following functions:

  • Filtering of the power line
  • A custom designed low-pass filter attenuates 28 dB at 1 KHz, increasing up to 80 dB at 10 KHz and over.

  • Galvanic insulation of all outlets
  • An oversized transformer is equipped with as many secondary coils as the number of the sockets. In this way each equipment is decoupled from the mains and from the other parts of the system. The maddening ground loops too are completely eliminated.

  • Output filters
  • Each socket is equipped with a filter, to eliminate the mutual interferences.

  • Voltage stabilization
  • It is indispensable where the voltage varies from day to night or where sudden voltage changes are possible. The output voltage is kept within the +/- 2.5% range for the CR models and +/- 1.5% for the CP models, when the input voltage varies +/- 10 %.

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