Our story
Nightingale is manufactured by Simetel SpA, an Italian company operating in the telecommunications field since its foundation, in 1959.
A great sound experience

The manufacturer of the Nightingale products is Simetel Corp., a Company operating in the professional and military telecommunications field since its foundation, in 1959.

In 1995 the passion for music of a small group of engineers and technicians led the company’s management to start manufacturing equipment for high definition sound reproduction, in particular tube amplifiers and preamplifiers. This is how the brand Nightingale was born: it was from the start a big success in Italy, which is now quickly expanding itself in all European markets and all over the world. Parallel to the amplifiers, Nightingale studied the supply problem. In the modern houses, the ever increasing number of electric devices, computers, telephones, induces in the supply line noises and wave shape alterations, which have a negative influence on the sound definition. Nightingale designed and developed a family of line conditioners, whose effectiveness is surprising. All the magazines which have tested them were amazed by the improvements which can be obtained in any system.

Nightingale and Concentus are presently sold throughout Europe (UK, France, Norway, Greece, Russia) and Hong Kong.

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